Before we can test automated/rate control or the four business cases, we first have to make sure that we are able to take all of the measurements and that all of the relevant devices are capable of communicating with each other.

All of the Linear partners have therefore worked together to build the technological systems using existing materials and newly developed devices.

More information on:

  • the household appliances
  • Linear’s management systems
  • the smart meters

The Linear system builds on:

  • the energy management system of Fifthplay,
  • the Miele@Home communication system,
  • the smart meters from Eandis and Infrax.

Developed especially for Linear:

  • VITO - a controller for boilers and main appliances that was developed for the standard appliances of Siemens. This is intended to make it possible to deploy ‘older’ devices within a system of automated demand-side management.
  • iMinds - the server technology used to:
    • register users and devices;
    • compile and display all measurement data for the monitoring and analysis of installations and experiments;
    • calculate information for users, such as the incentives that they have earned;
    • transmit control signals.
  • Laborelec - software that is responsible for switching on smart devices automatically, based on the needs of the power grid and the energy suppliers.
  • KU Leuven conducts the fundamental research and recruits, supports and communicates with the participants.
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