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Linear Closure Event
9 December, Brussels

This is the moment, after three years of the richest research, we came to the end of the Linear pilot project. During these years we actively investigated new ways to improve energy flexibility by consumers. And we are very proud of the results that emerged from this large-scale research. During the festive closing event of Linear, we published and explained all the results, the (dis)advantages for technology providers and users and the possibilities for the community.


Linear demonstrates large residential demand response project at the European Utility Week

Amsterdam, European Utility Week – between October 15th and 17th EnergyVille and partners will present the research project of Linear to a large audience in the Netherlands: with no less than 250 test families, Linear is one of the largest smart grids research projects in Europe. Linear combines smart appliances, smart meters and prototypes to the electricity grid of tomorrow. You thought a smart meter was revolutionary? That’s only the top of the iceberg!

EnergyVille warmly invites you to discover this future in the Energy Experience on the European Utility Week. Also interested in our revolutionary smart charging system for electrical vehicles? That technique we demonstrate in Hall-1 at booth 58.

Press Release

The Linear project studies ways in which households can tailor their electricity consumption to the amount of solar and wind energy available, both in terms of technology and user interaction. Some key questions that this research is designed to address:

  • How do households and industry stand to benefit from a change in behaviour?
  • How will the costs and benefits be divided among the parties involved?
  • Which solutions will provide enough motivation and convenience to prompt a change in behaviour?
  • To what extent will households be able and willing to change their behaviour?

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Twenty partners have joined hands to support Linear, or ‘Local Intelligent Networks and Energy Active Regions’.The project was launched on 1 May 2009 and will run until the end of 2014. It was born of a partnership between research institutions including the KU Leuven, VITO, iMinds and imec, industry and the Government of Flanders.

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